Reopening Of Premises during Transition Phase

The Transition Phase under the National COVID-19 Recovery Plan Framework began yesterday. The phase began as soon as Brunei Darussalam reaches a vaccination rate of 70 per cent of the total population.

Mass gatherings at public places including sports facilities and reopening of business premises such as restaurants, cafes, food courts, cinemas, arcades, indoor playgrounds, beauty premises namely salons and hair dressers and markets during the Transition Phase is allowed for individuals who have completed their vaccinations and limited to 50 per cent of the venue capacity.

Management is also required to follow the guidelines or SOP's such as updating the list of employees on BruHealth app and ensure that employees had completed their vaccination injections; premises are required to register their respective QR Codes and capacity on BruHealth app and Premise owners are to ensure all individuals scan the BruHealth app before entering the premises, including employees, staff or volunteers.

Let us work hand in hand to support the Government's objective in making the National COVID-19 Recovery Framework the right pathway for bringing the country from pandemic to endemic states. National recovery is a shared responsibility, the public plays a critical role in ensuring the success of any Government strategies.

Source: Radio Television Brunei