Reopening of Centres will commence on 25th June 2020

​For the implementation of Level One of the reopening of the centres, which will commence on Monday, 15th of JUNE 2020, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports explained that all of the facilities are only allowed to operate with the capacity of 30 per cent.


Yang Berhormat said, under the Operational Readiness Level 1, the facilities will be operated based on the regulations and guidelines namely:


– First, the Senior Citizen Activity Centre is only allowed to be operated with 30 per cent capacity at one time. The centre will only be opened to the low risk senior citizen, with no any chronic diseases aside from no symptom of flu and fever. The activity is also limited to indoor activity, where outdoor activity is prohibited.


–  Second, museums, exhibition galleries and library are allowed to operate with the capacity of 30 per cent at one time, depending on the space capacity and if in a group, must not exceed 30 people at one time. The facilities will only be opened to the public who do not have any disease or symptom such as flu and fever as well as with low risk of infection. It will be opened for three days in a week for 5 hours each day. Museums, exhibition galleries and library under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports will be operated on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and the operational day for other exhibition galleries are based on the respective owners.


For more information, the centres and public can refer to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports with the cooperation of Ministry of Health at ‘’. Users and visitors as well as the centre and facility manager are advised to download the BruHealth application for the QR Code registration. Yang Berhormat also reminds the public specifically the senior citizen and individuals who are related to the vulnerable groups, to remain cautious and to together facilitate in practising social responsibility, ensure physical distancing and self-hygiene as well as the surrounding areas at all times for the safety of all.



Source: Radio Television Brunei