Remain Active in the Month of Ramadhan

Although Brunei Darussalam is currently in the phase of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, sports activity in the month of Ramadhan is still safe to be carried out. Staying active is also encouraged as it is one of the ways to maintain fitness and can help improve metabolism. The matter was stated by Doctor Norhayati binti Awang Haji Ahmad, the Senior Medical Officer of the Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health during an interview with RTB.


Doctor Norhayati shared the appropriate time to exercise in the month of Ramadhan which is 30 minutes prior to the breaking of the fast and it is advisable to drink enough water after braking of the fast to prevent from dehydration. Exercising after performing the Terawih and Witir prayers is also a good time to spend 30 minutes doing moderate intensity exercises.


Doctor Norhayati also shared several advised to remain active in the month of Ramadhan and COVID-19 pandemic such as avoiding from doing a high intensity exercise in a day and specifically during hot weather. Avoid from doing exercise right after breaking of the fast as the body needs energy for digestion. Seeks advice from the doctor before doing exercise. If showing symptoms such as dizziness, chest pain or difficulty breathing during exercise, it is advisable to stop doing it and it is recommended to rest. And stay active by walking or doing house work such as house cleaning at least 30 minutes per day.



Source: Radio Television Brunei