Red BruHealth Code Issued to Individuals Imposed with Digital Quarantine Order

Following the information on the introduction of the Digital Quarantine Order in the BruHealth application on 13th August, the Ministry of Health explained that any individuals imposed with a Digital Quarantine Order will receive a Red coloured BruHealth code.

The individual is also required to comply with the quarantine order and undergo quarantine in their residence for 14 days. Not all individuals imposed with the Digital Quarantine Order need to undergo a swab test. Only those given a notice order for a separate swab test through the BruHealth application or those receiving a call from the Ministry of Health are required to undergo a swab test according to the date stipulated and those with a Red BruHealth code are not allowed to attend their COVID-19 vaccination appointments at any Vaccination Centres. For any enquiries on changes to the appointment dates, e-mail to In this regard, the Ministry of Health informs that the ministry is still updating the Digital Quarantine Order. If any individuals are still imposed with the Digital Quarantine Order in their BruHealth application after 12 noon yesterday, this means that the individual is ordered to comply with the quarantine order.

For further information, go to '' or contact the Health Advice Line 148 or through the BruHealth application.

Source: Radio Television Brunei