Received a Canadian man accused of murdering a multinational mafia in Phuket.


Royal Thai Police. Adopt a young Canadian assassin as extradition from Canada Returned to prosecute the murder of the multinational mafia at a luxury villa in Phuket in 2022.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat The National Police Commissioner announced that Mr. Matthew Dupree (MR.MATTHEW LEANDRE OVIDE DUPRE), a 38-year-old Canadian national, was accused under an arrest warrant at the Phuket Provincial Court. An arrest warrant was issued on February 11, 2022 for “committal killing of others with premeditated or to prepare or to facilitate the commission of another offense, possession of firearms and ammunition without permission, carrying firearms in a city, village or public way without reasonable cause and unintentional shooting in towns, villages or communities.”

The situation on February 4, 2022, at approximately 10:30 p.m., two assailants shot Mr.Jimi Singh Sandhu, an Indian national with a firearm. Died in front of a luxury villa in Phuket, with bullet traces all over the body. And there were 21 bullet casings at the scene from the history of the deceased. found to be linked to transnational criminal gangs have a history of involvement in transnational drug trafficking Joint case of jewelry robbery in Dubai and the murder of a mafia boss in Canada. Pol. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, Commander-in-Chief of Police at that time Therefore, an order was issued to appoint a team of investigative officers to expedite the investigation of the case. And the case has been transferred to the Central Investigation Police. is responsible for the investigation

Later, the Central Investigation Police joined forces with the Provincial Police Region 8 to investigate until they learned that The perpetrators involved in this case are:

MR. GENE KARL LAHRKAMP, Canadian, 37 years old

MR. MATTHEW LEANDRE OVIDE DUPRE, Canadian nationality, 38 years old.

Which after only 2 days of the crime (Feb. 6, 2022), the two accused fled Thailand. From examining the accused's information, it was found that on April 29, 2022, MR. GENE KARL LAHRKAMP, one of the accused Died from murder A plane crash in northwestern Ontario, Canada, with a man linked to the Independent Soldiers Gang on the part of MR. Officer in the Canadian Army who was stationed in Afghanistan Before joining a private security company in a high-risk area like Iraq or other countries. in the middle east and have information that The suspect was an unknown member of the killing team. The Independent Soldiers Gang was arrested by Canadian authorities on February 15, 2022 in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Central Investigation Police by the Crime Suppression Division Foreign Affairs Division police officer Immigration police officers together with the prosecutor foreign office Office of the Attorney General and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Has coordinated with the Interpol (INTERPOL) and Canada. to proceed with issuing a red notice (Red Notice) to extradite the offender to legal proceedings in Thailand.

Until May 28, 2023, the Central Investigative Police received the accused from Vancouver International Airport, Canada and returned to Thailand. Before being taken to the investigating officer Kor. and from the preliminary interrogation of the accused denied all allegations

and last afternoon Investigators released Matthew DUPRE, the accused of shooting dead Indian man Jimi SANDHU, in Phuket, out of his custody cell. to bring him to be imprisoned at the Bangkok Special Prison with staff from the Special Operations Unit Hanuman, the Suppression Division and plainclothes officers of the Police Department with complete equipment tightly guarded Because Mr. Matthew This accused is considered the main accused. And is a member of a multinational organized crime syndicate for hire around the world.

Source: Thai News Agency