Re-Opening Tuition and Music Schools

The recent additional de-escalation plan involves the tuition and music schools. All premises managers welcome the measures by re-opening their schools right after the permission been given by adhering to all the de-escalation plan. In an observation by the RTB, music schools in the country begin to receive the students’ entry but with the implementation of new norm and a safer environment specifically for students.


The Yippytune Music School is among the school that implements the measure by obtaining the special BruHealth QR Code for premise, printed the QR Code and placed it at the entrance door. The QR Code for the customer to scan prior to enter and leave the premise. With more than 200 students in different classes, the music school also implements a body temperature check at the end of the entrance door and to ensure that every visitor comply with the social distancing guidelines.


The music school is operated in accordance to the de-escalation plan from the Ministry of Health which is only allowing a ‘one-on-one classes’ at the moment. Previously, the learning and teaching session was held via online.


As adhere to the Ministry of Health’s instruction, the school always maintain its cleanliness at class and music instruments areas.


Meanwhile, the Neoclassic Music School only received 8 students currently to attend the music class per day. Since the COVID-19outbreak reported in Brunei Darussalam, the school prioritizes several safety measures including practising the social distancing, conducting body temperature check, wearing face mask and the use of hand sanitizers before starting the learning session.


A number of students at the school are excited to be able to learn face-to-face with their teacher after months of studying online.



Source: Radio Television Brunei