Ramadhan Nights were Enlivened Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

‚ÄčThe month of Ramadhan had just left, and it will be truly missed by the Muslim ummah, as they get to experience the beauty of fasting during the holy month. Although this year’s Ramadhan is different from the previous years following the COVID-19 infection that led to temporary closure of mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide, it does not deter Muslims to enliven the nights of Ramadhan.


The Sunat Tarawih prayer and the Tadarus Al-Quran are among the highly awaited religious deeds in Ramadhan. Such activities are highly significant in enlivening the blessed month. Normally, the activities are performed at mosques, and others. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed such practices this year. Despite this, Muslims continue to perform tadarus at home with their families.


Even the COVID-19 infection does not deter Muslims from reading Al-Quran at home and through online. In fact, it presented the opportunity to instil love towards Al-Quran, in line with the month of Ramadhan, the month when the holy book was revealed.


Donation presentations for orphans nationwide were carried out via drive-thru. Giving alms can train a person’s soul to be more empathetic as well as avoid selfishness, and it is one of the ways to spend one’s wealth in the ways of Allah.


Nuzul Al-Quran refers to the Revelation of Al-Quran, a monumental event in the month of Ramadhan. Hence, the month of Ramadhan is also known as the month of Al-Quran, and Muslims are encouraged to increase the reading of Al-Quran.


Huge benefits and blessings from Allah Subhanahu Wataala awaits those who fast in Ramadhan with faith and piety, apart from performing sunat or commendable deeds such as giving alms. The highlight of Ramadhan is Lailatul Qadar or Night of the Decree that has benefits that is more than a thousand months. How time flies as Ramadhan has left us all.


The emergence of COVID-19 has a significant meaning and wisdom behind it. Among them is that spending time at home with family has become even more meaningful.


With the end of Ramadhan, Muslims will celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. This marks the victory for the Muslim ummah after fasting for one month in Ramadhan. Celebrate the month of Syawal in moderation, and let us pray that we will meet the month of Ramadhan the next year.



Source: Radio Television Brunei