Qiamulail Programme

Tackling social issues among youths, specifically mosque youths is the objective of the Mosque Affairs Department in taking the initiative of holding the Qiamullail Programme for mosque youths in the Belait District. The programme organised through the Imarah Section was held in cooperation with the Kampung Sungai Liang Mosque Takmir Committee.

50 mosque youths from the Belait District took part in the 2-day programme held at Kampung Sungai Liang Mosque. The programme included a tazkirah or talk, mass fardhu subuh prayer; and reading of Surah Al-Waqiah. The programme will be extended to the other three districts. Also held was a cleaning campaign on the mosque's interior and compound. The programme aimed to encourage youths to become closer to the mosque and for them to foster relations with the rest of the congregants and mosque takmir committee.

Source: Radio Television Brunei