Qalbun Salimun : The Heart of the Faithful

Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala created man with a complete body. One of Allah Taala's very special creation in human bodies is the heart. The heart plays a huge role as it determines and shapes a person's lifestyle. The heart is akin to the king while the rest of the body acts as the guards. As Muslims, we must always make efforts to maintain and look after the heart well so that the heart will always be on the path of goodness and welfare inline with the commands of Allah and order of the religion. This is because, if the heart is damaged, thus will the whole body be damaged and if the heart is good and clean, the rest of the body will follow suit. The matter was among the contents of yesterday's Friday Sermon entitled QALBUN SALIM.

The imam or prayer leader said that verily, the heart is divided into three namely: Qalbun Salimun or the heart that is clean, which is the heart of the faithful, who lives by the zikrullah and is always open to receiving advise with full loyalty until the owner is always in tranquility and well-being. Second is Qalbun Maridun or the heart that is sick, which is the heart that is filled with various ailments such as ria' or arrogance, hasad or jealousy, ujub or self-pride and such. If it is not treated, it can destroy the heart. Third is Qalbun Mayyitun or the heart that is dead, which is the heart that is closed to all advise as it is controlled by greed and the devil until it deviates from remembering Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Possessing Qalbun Salimun is the dream of every muslim but the question remains on how to possess it. Verily, to obtain or possess Qalbun Salimun, one must always maintain and look after two things. First, Hablun MinaAllah which is the relations between the creatures or mankind and the Creator and second is Hablun Minannaas which relations between humans.

Source: Radio Television Brunei