Producing Traditional Batik Clothes

The use of the latest technology especially in the digital field has successfully expanded the career of an entrepreneur in producing traditional batik clothes. Starting in the field of art, Awang Haji Zainal Abidin bin Haji Ibrahim, the founder of Batik Desamas that is located in Sumbangsih Mulia Building, Beribi has produced Bruneian traditional batik clothes since two decades ago to ensure that the clothing style remains up to date.

Previously, producing traditional batik clothes requires many processes to create different colours and patterns in showcasing the identity of a country. However, this has changed as batik is now produced digitally using computers. Awang Haji Zainal Abidin explained that nowadays, competition is getting stronger, therefore, batik production cannot survive using traditional means alone. By utilising technology and knowledge in graphic design, he is able to expand and maintain batik production until today.

The 70-year old entrepreneur had the idea to produce Brunei traditional batik after a solo journey to Malaysia and Indonesia to take a closer look at how batik clothing's are made in both countries. In 2011, he was awarded 150 thousand dollars by the Brunei Economic Development Board, BEDB that enables him to produce modern batik, which is sold between 30 to 60 dollars.

Positive response from customers further strengthen his resolve to continue the batik business. He hoped that the youth in the country will try to explore such a business as it brings good income.

Source: Radio Television Brunei