Priority will be given to those who need Immediate Medical Treatment

With regards to some cases that have been confirmed positive but are still waiting to be transferred to the National Isolation Centre, the Ministry of Health informed that efforts are underway to transfer them to designated isolation centres for monitoring and treatment.

According to the Minister of Health, priority will be given to those who really need immediate medical treatment such as those suffering from shortness of breath, high fever or diarrhea. At the same time, there are some positive cases that were found to be asymptomatic or have no signs of infection or only have mild signs of infection. These cases are advised to continue to self-isolate from other family members and call the Ambulance Emergency Line 991 if the signs of infection become severe. Members of the public who have any inquiries on COVID-19 can call the Health Advice Line 148 or email to ''.

For the public's information, the Health Advice Line 148 service receives about 1 thousand calls, 100 emails and up to 2 thousand messages via social media namely WhatsApp and Telegram daily. Currently, most public inquiries are related to the delivery of food aid and quarantine order that are issued to contacts of cases who are confirmed positive.

Any inquiries related to quarantine will be given a reference code and subsequently channelled to the Quarantine Appeal Team. Therefore, any individual who are contacted by the Quarantine Appeal Team are requested to provide the required information in full including the reference code provided when making the appeal to enable the quarantine appeal by the individual to be assessed properly and thoroughly. The quarantine appeal process will take up to 5 working days.

Source: Radio Television Brunei