Press Conference on Da’wah Strengthening Workshop

The workshop to strengthen da'wah jointly organised by the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB and Islamic Da'wah Centre, Ministry of Religious Affairs will take place on the 12th to 17th of June 2021 at the KUPU SB. The workshop's objective is to empower strategy of relevant da'wah with the current situation and development, strengthening da'wah methodology by using the technology media and improve the skills and authority of da'ie with more effective da'wah message delivery techniques.

Dr. Mikdar Rusdi, Dean of Faculty of Usuluddin, KUPU SB in a press conference held yesterday afternoon said that the 5-day workshop is intended to empower speakers or qualified da'ie from the Brunei Islamic Religious Council, religious education officers at the Ministry of Education and officers from the Islamic Da'wah Centre who are of calibre through the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge in strengthening a sharp da'wah strategy, relevant to the current changing situation and caring for society

Also present was Awang Haji Abdul Rajid bin Haji Md Salleh, Director of Islamic Da'wah Centre. For more information, the public can contact the Faculty of Usuluddin, KUPU SB at 2236277.

Source: Radio Television Brunei