Preparations for the Start of the 2020 School Year

In less than two weeks, the school holidays will end. This means that the first term of school for 2020 will start. Certainly, parents and their children will be busy making preparations for the upcoming new school year. A visit by RTB to a number of book and school stationery stores in the country found parents already making early preparations so that the start of the school year will run smoothly.

The first school term starts on the 2nd of January. The remainder of the school holidays provide an opportunity for parents to purchase all the necessary school supplies including stationery, text books, workbooks, school bags as well as uniforms.

Book and school stationery stores have also made early preparations, a few months before the start of the school holidays by making sure that all requirements such as text books, workbooks and exercise books are in sufficient supply for their customers. To assist parents, the stores also provide a service of reserving books based on the list of required books and school supplies provided by the parents early-on.

Even though not a lot of people are rushing to shop, a number of parents have used this opportunity to prepare their children's school necessities. By preparing for the school year in an organised manner, it can help to avoid wastage. Apart from that, it also helps in better selecting school necessities at reasonable prices and quality. Most of the parents have stated that they prefer to purchase the school supplies before their salaries and bonuses are paid especially for civil servants, to avoid the end of year shopping rush.

Source: Radio Television Brunei