Pipe Leak at Kampung Penapar, Tutong District

One of two pipes under the Kampung Penapar Bridge is currently leaking. However, the Public Works Department said water supply is still available via the other pipe.

Repair work is carried out upon completing pipe inspection. In this regard, several areas will experience water supply disruption.

Areas experiencing water supply disruption:

Mukim Pekan Tutong

Mukim Telisai

Part of Mikum Keriam

Part of Mukim Tanjong Maya

Mukim Ukong

The affected areas are Mukim Pekan Tutong, Mukim Telisai including the Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme, part of Mukim Keriam, part of Mukim Tanjong Maya, Mukim Ukong and surrounding areas. Measures have been taken to tackle the issue and the Public Works Department will restore the water supply as soon as possible.

Source: Radio Television Brunei