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Philippine Coast Guard Intensifies Maritime Security for Holiday Season


Manila – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is ramping up security measures in the country's ports, harbors, and waterways in anticipation of the increased number of travelers and cargos during the holiday season.

According to Philippines News Agency, PCG chief Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan has instructed the 15 PCG districts to enhance their presence to ensure "zero maritime crime" and provide the public with convenient, comfortable, and safe sea travel during the holidays. "We are expanding our efforts to ensure maritime security and public safety and lessen, if not completely eradicate, maritime crimes amid the increasing maritime traffic and sea transport operations this upcoming holiday season," Gavan stated.

The initiative will involve over 30,000 personnel from the PCG and the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) maritime sector. Gavan emphasized the importance of the PCG's maritime security teams, including sea marshals, K9 units, seaborne patrols, and intelligence operatives, being in a high state of readiness to respond to any incidents during the holiday period.

The increased security measures follow a recent robbery incident near the Manila International Container Terminal at the Manila Bay Anchorage Area, where safety gears and other essential equipment were stolen from the vessels M/V G Crown and M/V Hansa Colombo.