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PBBM, presumptive Indonesian President Prabowo vow to strengthen ties


MANILA: Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and presumptive Indonesian President Prabowo Subianto on Thursday vowed to continue strengthening the alliance between the two countries. The two leaders made the commitment during a phone call in which Marcos congratulated the Indonesian defense minister for his apparent victory in Indonesia's presidential elections. The Presidential Communications Office said that during their conversation, Prabowo said he was looking forward to working with the Marcos administration as part of the Philippines' enhanced bilateral relations with Indonesia. 'Philippine-Indonesia relationship have many common interests. I like to know what you are thinking. I hope to meet you as soon as possible,' Prabowo told President Marcos over the phone. President Marcos, for his part, underscored the longstanding relations between the Philippines and Indonesia spanning over 70 years, noting that both countries have a lot in common. Marcos also expressed hope that Prabowo will main tain the robust ties established between his administration and the leadership of outgoing Indonesian President Joko Widodo. 'That might be a good idea. Yes, there are many areas (that) opened up. The traditional ties has grown stronger over 70 years. In the recent years, President Widodo explored many new possibilities. I would be very interested to meet with you to go into some details,' he told Prabowo. Marcos particularly noted that the Philippines is willing to enhance cooperation with Indonesia on clean energy transition, green metals and energy production, adding that some Indonesian companies have already invested in the Philippines. Prabowo said he will build on what President Widodo had established, particularly on the rich ties between the Philippines and Indonesia. Prabowo, 75, is poised to be Indonesia's next leader on his third try for the highest post. Official results of the presidential elections in Indonesia are due to be announced by March 20. Source: Philippines News Agency