Partial Lunar Eclipse

Residents of Brunei Darussalam will have the opportunity to view a partial lunar eclipse visible for 46 minutes, 19th of November 2021. The phenomenon will be visible from much of Asia, Australia, North and South America, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well as Arctic.

The eclipse will start at 2 minutes past two in the afternoon local time, when the Earth's outer light shadow known as penumbra covers the moon. However, the country will only experience the final stages of the eclipse as the moon is below the horizon. The eclipse can be observed as soon as the moon rises at a minute past 6 in the afternoon, when about 56 percent of the Moon is in the Earth's darkest shadow known as umbra. Weather permitting and if there is no cloud cover, the public will be able to see the moon just above the horizon will be half-covered by the umbra from Brunei.

The partial eclipse phase will end at 6.47 in the evening when the Moon leaves the umbra. The entire moon will move out of the Earth's shadow and the penumbral eclipse will end at 8.03 in the evening. The public can follow the livestreaming of the phenomenon on the Brunei Astronomy Facebook page or YouTube starting 5:30 in the afternoon. The online observation is also supported by the Kampung Penabai Kuala Tutong Consultative Council.

Source: Radio Television Brunei