Over 6 Million Dollars in Losses Recorded involving Fires

More than 6 million dollars of losses were recorded last year, among them involving building, house, car and electrical fires as well as vehicle accidents from more than 7 thousand emergency calls. These include calls reposting house, building and car fires. The total loss was recorded by the Fire and Rescue Department. Towards increasing safety, the Fire and Rescue Department advises the public to be more attentive in knowing the aspects of fire safety and others.

Comparing the statistics issued by the Fire and Rescue Department, last year the department saw an increase in the number of emergency calls, 7,218 emergency calls compared to 6,419 in 2018, from district stations in the country. Among the calls received last year, car fires was the highest with 91 calls, followed by house fires, 77 calls, electrical fires, 63 calls and building fires with 52 calls. This was followed by emergency calls for 39 vehicle accidents, 30 for gas leaks and 11 calls for collapsed houses.

Meanwhile, the statistics for estimated loss last year for fires involving buildings, houses, electrical, cars and gas leaks totalling 6,518,566 dollars showed a decrease compared to 8,859,380 dollars in 2018. Last year alone, the estimated loss from house fires was the highest at 4,152,420 dollars. This was followed by losses from building fires with 917,730 dollars. The Fire and Rescue Department are always reminding the public to ensure NOT to use too much electricity or electrical appliances or overloading the circuits aside from ensuring there is good wiring and the house is equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.

The total number of injuries or fatalities last year recorded 6 fatalities from vehicle accident cases and 33 people injured in the same cases. Meanwhile, the injuries statistics recorded one person from a house fire, two were injured due to car fires, 3 from collapsed house incidents, and two were injured in gas leaks incidents. In 2018, 5 fatalities were recorded from car accidents and two injuries in car fires while 39 people were involved in car accidents. According to statistics, the main cause of car fires is a lack of knowledge in selecting car component spare parts and leaving items in the car that can cause overheating such as power banks. The Fire and Rescue Department has also presented community service certificates to 33 individuals for their prompt action in extinguishing fires in 12 incidents as well as in reducing the rate of loss and in saving lives.

Source: Radio Television Brunei