Only Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines Are Given To Pregnant Women

To date, the Ministry of Health only approves the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

According to the Minister of Health, there is not much information on the use of the Sinopharm vaccine for the group. Touching on vaccination slot booking for the Sinopharm vaccine, it is expected to be opened this Thursday. The Minister of Health also advised members of the public not to panic following information that went viral on an individual with a purple BruHealth code who went to get inoculated at the Indoor Stadium Vaccination Centre. Yang Berhormat explained that the individual has recovered but the BruHealth code colour has yet to change, and investigation is ongoing. On the number of COVID-19 patients who have completed their vaccination, as of the 12th of September, 8 point 4 per cent of COVID-19 patients have completed their vaccination, and their symptoms are not as severe.

Source: Radio Television Brunei