Online Sales of Religious and Arabic School Books Service

The Islamic Studies Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Curriculum Division has opened the online sales of Religious and Arabic School Books service starting the 1st of November 2021 by ensuring the carrying out of operational procedures as control measures in curbing COVID-19. The services are carried out not only to meet the needs during the pandemic but will continue to be implemented as an effort by the Islamic Studies Department to further improve the quality of existing services through an online service approach in supporting the government's policy in the Digital Economy Plan.

Through the service, the public may contact 8330062 or send a short message via WhatsApp or Telegram application for any purchase orders or to seek further information. As for the payment process, the public may also choose to use the online payment method, in addition to cash according to the stipulated procedures. The online sales is intended to make it easier for the public, especially parents or guardians and school staff to purchase and owned the books.

Source: Radio Television Brunei