Offences under the Tobacco Order 2005 and Regulations for October 2019

The Tobacco Order 2005 and Regulations prohibiting smoking in public places. It aims to control smoking habits and protecting the public from the exposure of cigarette smoke.

Among the places where smoking is prohibited are government buildings, sundry shops, shopping centres, market, stalls, bus station, bus stop, restaurants, food stalls and within 6 metres from buildings where smoking is prohibited

About 76 offences under the Tobacco Order 2005 were recorded for the month of October this year, 72 are offences under Chapter 14(2) for smoking in prohibited area and 4 offences under Chapter 10(1) Tobacco Order 2005, smoking in youths under 18 years old. All of them were subjected to action under the Tobacco Order 2005. From the total figure this month, 72 were men and 4 are women.

Under the said order, if convicted the Health Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Health would imposed a compound fine of Three Hundred Dollar for the first offence and Five Hundred Dollars for the second and subsequent offence.

Source: Radio Television Brunei