Offence under TAP Order

Abdul Saman Ahmad Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd was fined to 3,000 Dollars after pleaded guilty for 10 offences for failing to register four employees and make contribution payments of Employee Trust Fund, TAP scheme and Supplemental Contributory Pensions, SCP scheme.

The Bandar Seri Begawan Magistrate's Court has sentenced to a fined which needs to be settled within 6 months. Aside from that, the company was also ordered to pay all of the overdue contribution under TAP and SCP and its dividend. The prosecution was made by the TAP Prosecutors and the case was heard on last Wednesday. In this, TAP would like to remind employer to always ensure that their worker's contribution payments of TAP and SCP are made before the 15th of the following month to avoid late payment charges.

Any employee who has not been registered to TAP or contributed to TAP and SCP, is advised to make complaint to the TAP Call Centre at 2382800 or the TAP Enforcement Unit Hotline at 8998290 during office hours or through email at ''; or by visiting to any TAP counter by bringing relevant documents.

Source: Radio Television Brunei