No Evidence of COVID-19 Being Infectious Through Food Packaging

There is no strong evidence that raw food prepared by COVID-19 positive individuals can be contagious. The Minister of Health clarified the matter following concerns from the public that preparation of food by positive individuals could contribute to the spread of the pandemic.

The Minister of Health referred to the World Health Organisation's statement on similar questions and stressed that there was no evidence of the spread of infection through packaging and the like. However, the Minister of Health advised the public to always be vigilant and always practice good hygiene.

Working hours and social distancing of shop employees or business premises are up to shop owners as long as they comply with the Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs. The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and the Second Minister of Finance and Economy explained that what is important is the wearing of face masks and to limit the number of people entering the premises.

Source: Radio Television Brunei