New Year 1443 Hijrah Celebration at Private Residence

Although this year's hijrah celebration is not celebrated as usual, the muslims ummah continue to commemorate and celebrate this great day of Islam by reciting the End and Beginning of Hijrah Year Doa in their respective homes. Awang Haji Abu Bakar bin Haji Mohd Don and family from Kampung Mulaut welcomed the New Year 1443 Hijrah with full gratitude.

The End of Hijrah Year Doa is read before the azan for fardhu Maghrib and the Beginning of Hijrah Year 1443 Doa is read after the fardhu Maghrib prayer. The doa texts were provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and distributed via online through the Ministry's official website and Telegram Official. In light with the latest COVID-19 development, the New Year Hijrah was celebrated by adhering to the Ministry of Health's guidelines.

Source: Radio Television Brunei