Never Doubt Allah when Tested or Befallen with Misfortune

Muslims should view every trial and challenge in life with good feeling and intention because although being patient is sometimes hard to do the end result is always beautiful and sweet. Allah is always beside His servant as promised in Al-Quran that Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala will always love and help the patience ones. The faithfuls see the tests as doors of blessings that bring them close to Heaven which their reward in the Hereafter. The matter was highlighted in the Friday sermon titled, "Menghiasi Diri Dengan Sifat Sabar''.

In the Khutbah or sermon, the prayer leaders said Allah does not give tests or trials that are beyond the capabilities of His servants. Therefore, sometimes people are tested with different things such as comfort or hardship, wealth or poverty and many more. Sometimes people are test with pressures in life such as emotional and economic including debts, family and others. The prayer leaders advised the congregants never doubt Allah when tested or befallen with misfortune. One should always be patient because there is always something good behind the test. Have faith in Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala and strive to find solutions besides supplicating, leaving matters to Allah and endearing one's self to the Almighty. Verily, the tests and trials are the measure of one's faith and patience.

Source: Radio Television Brunei