Net-Metering and Small-Scale Solar Symposium

The Ministry of Energy yesterday afternoon held a symposium on 'Net-Metering and Small-Scale Solar' as the renewable energy agenda took centre stage in the Energy Theme Week of Brunei MICE 2021. The symposium is in line with the Ministry of Energy's Strategic Plan 2020-2025 under the 'Strategic Objective 3: Green Energy' which aims at achieving a long-term energy security for Brunei Darussalam.

Present was Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunnisa binti Awang Haji Ash'ari, a Member of the Legislative Council. The symposium highlighted the role of the Net-Metering as a catalyst of change towards a more sustainable, and cleaner energy powered by small-scale solar PV system. The discussion also touched on the involvement and contribution of youth in the Renewable Energy integration in support of the national climate change agenda. Under the Net-Metering programme, owners of the small-scale solar PV systems can reduce their electricity consumption. The programme together with other energy renewable efforts are the first initiatives towards accelerating the national deployment of renewable energy technologies.

Source: Radio Television Brunei