Nationhood Briefing Programme

In strengthening solidarity, patriotism and nationhood among students, the Nationhood Briefing Programme, "Raja Kita, Menghayati Bendera Negara Brunei Darussalam" continued at Rimba Satu Secondary School yesterday morning. The programme is an effort by the Information Department of the Prime Minister's Office through the Nationhood and Community Unit in instilling love towards the Monarch, religion, race and nation.

More than 100 Year 7 students of Rimba Satu Secondary School attended the briefing by Dayang Hajah Noorhijrah binti Haji Idris, Assistant Information Officer. Among other matters the briefing highlighted the Monarch, National Flag hoisting procedure and the history of the National Anthem, 'Allah Peliharakan Sultan' in detail. Several students shared that the programme helps to instil love for the Monarch and country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei