National Religious Programme

The National Religious Programme for Religious and Arabic Schools for the Month of June was held yesterday with the theme Avoiding Deception.

In the Brunei Muara district, the programme was held at the Madewa Religious School. Tazkirah or talks, among others, emphasizes cheating as one of the traits of mazmumah which did not carry out the responsibilities and trust given to them by Allah.

In the Belait District, the program was held at Penaga Religious School in Seria. 350 students from pre-school to primary 6 are involved in the programme.

In the Tutong District it was held at the Sinaut Religious School. The program was attended by 1 hundred and 41 students from Pre-school to Primary 6.

And in the Temburong District a similar program was also held at the Negalang Religious School which also involves pre-school and primary 6 students.

Source: Radio Television Brunei