Mushaf Writing is Going Smoothly

The writing process of the Mushaf Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA by locals is going smoothly and is expected to be completed in February. The handwritten Mushaf will become a clear proof of UNISSA's efforts in elevating Al-Quran, the source of knowledge and light in the world and Hereafter. The Mushaf is hoped to become a ceremonial mace of UNISSA during every Haflut Takharruj or Convocation ceremony of UNISSA.

The writing of the Mushaf becomes UNISSA's main priority in response to the titah of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam which urges higher education institutions in the country to have Mushaf written by locals. According to His Majesty, this will surely reflect the country's own image to other nations, and capable of placing Brunei Darussalam with other Islamic countries that have produced their own handwritten Mushaf.

UNISSA's initiative began in 2011 under the Mushaf UNISSA Publication Unit. The Mushaf is designed according to Bruneian, Malay and Islamic characteristics and has the identity of UNISSA. Awang Mohammad Riziman bin Haji Usin was selected as the new writer of Mushaf UNISSA to replace Allahyarham Wan Habib Wan Ibrahim.

To ensure that the Mushaf UNISSA is of high quality and meets the requirements of Rasm 'Uthmani', several people have been appointed to complete the complete the Mushaf. For every completed page, it will be brought to meeting with committee members to inspect the Mushaf UNISSA publication. The writing format will be coordinated in line with UNISSA's Rasm 'Uthmani' method.

Wtih the Mushaf's completion, it will not only become the ceremonial mace of UNISAA for every Haflut Takharruj, it will also become the institution's oral tradition and a landmark of UNISSA's achievements.

Source: Radio Television Brunei