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Motorcycle repairman arrested for drug trafficking and selling to entertainment venues


Yala, Crime Suppression Division team raided and arrested a motorcycle repairman who was thinking of getting rich quickly by ordering drugs from social media. Sneaking out nightlife at entertainment venues Betong Municipality A friend came to the shop and was arrested after finding a lot of drugs. The Narcotics Prevention and Suppression Unit, Border Patrol Police Company 445, inspected a motorcycle repair shop in Betong Subdistrict, Betong District, Yala Province after investigating illegal drug distribution within the area. The scene of the crime was a two-story cement house, several houses built next to each other. The ground floor opened as a motorcycle repair shop. Inside the house, they found Mr. Chaturta, 24 years old, a car mechanic. The officers showed up and asked to search. They found 1 pill of ecstasy or ecstasy, 1 packet of Happy Water pills, weight approximately 17.10 grams, 1 bag of Ketamine pills, weight approximately 0.81 grams hidden in the electrical system box of the sandblasting cabinet . and drug distribution equipment Hidden inside a desk drawer While the officers were searching The mechanic's friend came on a motorcycle and found out the name was Mr. Muhammad Sobri, 19 years old, and he looked suspicious. I was shocked when I saw the officials. Therefore, they asked to search the body and found 6 methamphetamine pills hidden in a trouser pocket, 1 bag of ketamine, weighing approximately 1.29 grams, and distribution equipment, consisting of 1 pack of clear plastic bags that can be pressed closed and slid open, scissors, and a digital scale. Hidden inside a black shoulder bag From the investigation, Mr. Chaturata confessed that he had only been selling drugs for about a month by ordering drugs through social media. Then bring it to sell to employees and tourists at service centers and entertainment venues in Betong Municipality. which happy water medicine Or in the group of addicts, called Jude, bought a pack for 2,500 baht, sold for 3,000 baht, ecstasy, bought for 500 baht per pill, sold for 800 baht, ketamine, bought for 700 baht per gram, sold for 1,000 baht, while Mr. Muhammad Sobri confessed. The amphetamines were being delivered to Mr. Chaturta, while the ketamine was for personal use. The officers therefore took the two along with all the seized items to the Betong Police Station investigators to prosecute according to the law. Source: Thai News Agency