Mosque Cleaning Works at other Three Districts

The three other districts also conducted cleaning works on mosques, suraus and religious halls which will be used starting next Friday.

In Belait District, the mosque cleaning works were carried out at Kampung Pandan National Housing Scheme Mosque and Muhammad Jamalul Alam, Mosque in Kuala Belait.

Meanwhile in Tutong District, the mosque cleaning works were conducted at 9 mosques and religious halls namely Kampung Sinaut Mosque; Pengiran Muda Abdul Wakeel Mosque in Kampung Kiudang; Kampung Penapar Mosque; Kampung Bang Dalam Mosque; Kampung Menengah Mosque; Kampung Birau Mosque; Kampung Telisai Mosque; Kampung Bukit Mosque and Hajah Aminah Religious Hall at Kampung Long Mayan.

In Temburong District, the cleaning works was also held at Kampung Rataie National Housing Scheme Mosque in Mukim Bokok. The cleaning works were carried out by mosque officers and staff in collaboration with takmir committee members. The cleaning works will be carried out from time to time.

Source: Radio Television Brunei