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“Miya” admits to being a fan of “Ashi”, embarrassed about the trip to Disneyland.


admitted to being a fan for "Nong Miya Thongjuea", 17 years old, daughter of father "Pete Thongjuea" who is now planting a small love tree with a handsome boy "Ashi Achirawat”, 20 years old, son, “Father Fluke Krirkphon – Mae Bo Chayada”, in the past, both of them have been dating under the supervision of both families. Go anywhere, ask for permission properly. Ready to have sweet pictures for fans to always shy away from

Miya revealed that The last trip we went together was Disneyland, a private trip. Num Achi is the person who takes care of the entire trip. Achi speaks well, wrong from what everyone thinks.

Source: Thai News Agency