Minor Offences Act

A company and a male foreign national were issued with compound fines under the Minor Offences Act in a joint operation conducted by the Environmental Health Section, Environmental Health Services Department, Ministry of Health and the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department Law Enforcement Section.

Syarikat Sim Kim Huat was issued a two hundred dollar compound fine under Chapter 12 bracket 1 bracket A, for leaving a discarded signboard and damaged metal trollies at the side of the building premise in Kampung Manggis.

Meanwhile, Sayul, a Bangladeshi was issued a one hundred dollar compound fine for throwing rubbish and cigarette butts at a commercial building area in Kampung Anggerek Desa. Failure to pay the fine before the stipulated date, both offenders will be brought to court. A fine of one thousand dollars may be issued for the first offence, while the second and subsequent offences may face a fine of three thousand dollars or imprisonment of not less than three months.

Source: Radio Television Brunei