Ministry of Foreign Affairs Financial Year 2020/2021 Budget

For the Financial Year 2020/2021 Budget, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated a sum of 113 million 904 thousand 6 hundred dollars. While deliberating on the budget, the Second Minister of Foreign Affairs said, the allocation enables the ministry to carry out its duties, not only in upholding the Brunei Darussalam Foreign Policy, but also as facilitator and diplomatic and friendship connector with other countries, as well as cooperation's in Economy, Trade, Investment, Defence and Education. To date, Brunei Darussalam has establish diplomatic relations with 171 countries. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Erywan bin Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Haji Mohd Yusof also outlined the country's principles and policy.

Yang Berhormat said that the ministry will continue to practise principles in line with the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept which is by having good relations with all countries, mutual respect, equality of all nations as well as Non-Interference Policy. This positive foreign policy will ensure the close relations with other countries will continue to be maintained and Brunei Darussalam's good image will continue to be protected. This is carried out through bilateral and multilateral approaches via exchange visits and meetings as well as cooperation with regional and international organisations. Brunei Darussalam has gained a multitude of benefits, through this approach from the aspect of providing understanding on the Bruneian traditions and culture, or on International Concerns for the country's commitment in carrying out international agreements. The country has also gained a number of experiences, enhancing capabilities and expertise in various field as well as increased trade and investment opportunities. This is not just limited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but can be extended and benefitted by other government agencies and also non-government organisations.

Therefore it is vital, for the country to continue strengthening diplomatic relations as well as cooperation with friendly nations to ensure the country's foreign policy strategy and approach can be well carried out. This is especially true with the world currently experiencing political unrest and geo-economic uncertainty such as disputes on crude oil production and trade, the COVID-19 outbreak, climate change as well as threats from terrorism and extremism. Brunei Darussalam will also continue to hold onto the principle of multilateralism, support the direction and principles of the United Nation Charter as well as adhering to the international commitments and laws that we have participated in fully.

Source: Radio Television Brunei