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Meteorological Department warns of heavy rain in upper Thailand in some places.


Bangkok, Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand. Prepare for heavy rain in some places. May cause flash floods and flash floods. Meteorological Department Revealing the southwest monsoon that covers the western side of the northern region. and the central region is quite strong causing heavy rain in some places in upper Thailand With very heavy rain falling in the northern region. Ask people in the said area Be careful of the dangers of heavy rain and accumulated rain. This may cause flash floods and flash floods. Especially mountain slopes, near waterways and low-lying areas. Including increasing caution when traveling through areas with thunderstorms. As for the wind waves in the Andaman Sea, they are moderate. The upper Andaman Sea has waves about 2 meters high. In thunderstorm areas, waves are more than 2 meters high. In the lower Andaman Sea, waves are 1-2 meters high. In thunderstorm areas, waves are more than 2 meters high. In the Gulf of Thailand, waves are approximately 2 meters high. 1 met er, 1-2 meters from shore, waves height 1-2 meters. In areas with thunderstorms, waves higher than 2 meters. Boaters in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are requested to sail with caution and avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms. For small boats in the upper Andaman Sea, they should refrain from leaving the shore during 25-26 May 2024. Incidentally, Cyclone "Rimal" in the upper Bay of Bengal is expected to move ashore in Bangladesh during 26-27 May 2024. This storm will not have a direct impact on the weather conditions of Thailand. Source: Thai News Agency