‘Mengalinga’ App Facilitates the Public to be Volunteers

'Mengalinga' is a local mobile application platform for volunteers to participate in events organised by companies, government and non-governmental organisations, NGOs and for organisers to contact volunteers for their events. The app was launched on 7th August in conjunction with the 16th National Youth Day Celebration 2021.

With a mission to enrich, empower and engage the community in a responsible and continuous manner, the ''MENGALINGA'' Volunteer App was created to facilitate the public to be actively involved in volunteer activities through various means. According to Dr. Muhammad Nuriskandar Bin Mohd Hasnan, Assistant Head Youth Officer, Department of Youth and Sports, it aims to facilitate the public in participating in various programmes and projects provided by various agencies from the government or the private sector as well as non-governmental organisations such as associations, youth movements and so forth.

This app is also an attraction for the public to engage in various community activities not only through community work but also cooperation from various sectors.

Source: Radio Television Brunei