Media Conference by KUPU SB

Also lined up in the Brunei MYCE 2021 is the Fiqh Al-Usrah International Mu'tamar by KUPU SB. It will take place on the 9th of June 2021 at KUPU SB with the theme 'Keluarga Sakinah Mawaddah Wa rahmah'. The Mu'tamar or conference aims to empower family education among Muslims of today apart from identifying issues and challenges in family life. This was shared by Doctor Haji Sham bin Haji Amin, Special Grade Mosque Affairs Officer at the Fiqh Al-Usrah Research Centre, KUPU SB in a media conference yesterday afternoon.

According to Doctor Haji Sham, the Mu'tamar is hoped to achieve short and long term solutions for social issues faced by the society towards a harmonious family life. A premier paper will be tabled at the Mu'tamar among others. Members of the public are welcomed to attend the event, and for any information, contact the Mu'tamar secretary at 715 1785.

Source: Radio Television Brunei