Martial Arts Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, is among the current popular self-defence sports. With its wide publicity, alongside with big stars in the sports, is now has attracted more self-defence sports enthusiasts. In Brunei Darussalam, the interest of the community and the response to the sports is no less remarkable.

MMA is not new. It has existed for hundreds of years. This combat involves the movement of whole body for the purpose of grasping and attacking, whether in a standing position or on the floor, by applying various techniques of combat sports and martial arts. Awang Ahmad Faez bin Haji Anuar, known as Eazy Anuar, one of the MMA coach in the country said that the sports not about fight itself, but ways for each fighter carries himself inside and outside the court. Determined to quit his job and pursued his dream of opening a Martial Arts gym, he is now a professional fighter and a well-known coach in the country.

The involvement of Awang Ahmad Faez in the martial arts is now more than a decade. According to him, MMA in the country can be developed to a higher level if it is conducted in a correct way. He added that by increasing exposure such as martial arts championship in the country and the participation in the abroad championships, certainly will attract more professional fighter that able to bring glory to the country's name and equivalent to other countries.

Several professional fighters said that the sports is not violence, but it able to raise the country's name in world-class sports.

Source: Radio Television Brunei