Manpower to Curb COVID-19

The National Coordination Centre for COVID-19 based at the International Convention Centre or N-THREE-C-19 was established to look after the welfare of the people in the country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It consists of government officials and staff from 13 Ministries and is supported by the private sector. Among the main tasks of N-THREE-C-19 is as a logistics coordination centre for logistics coordination for COVID-19 patients who are in the National Isolation Centre, NIC and in other isolation centres, coordination of food distribution to the general public who is in Quarantine order, and coordination of donation packages to food distribution centres.

The Ministry of Development and the departments under it as well as non-Governmental organizations, contractors registered with the Ministry of Development are also involved in N-THREE-C-19. 20 contractors have made donation in the form of manpower and assets to help curb the COVID-19. Among the items sent by the contractors involved are basic food such as rice, dried food and bottled water, kitchen necessities, toiletries and necessities for staff and volunteers. Since the second wave outbreak of COVID-19 last August, 74 deliveries have been made by the Ministry of Development contractors to isolation centres.

Source: Radio Television Brunei