Mandatory Vaccine for Teachers and Staff

To support the National Vaccination Programme, all teachers, other school staff, and custodians at schools including religious and Arabic schools as well as the Tahfiz and Higher Education Institutes under the Ministry of Religious Affairs are required to undergo mandatory vaccinations.

So far, teachers who have completed 2 doses are 2,781 which is 78.96 per cent; those administered with 1 dose are 709 which is 20.13 per cent and the unvaccinated are 32 which is point 9-1 per cent and overall with at least 1 dose of the vaccine are 3,490 which is 99.09 per cent. The programme will continue on Sunday and Monday, the 14th and 15th of November involving the largest number of students which is 3,647. Meanwhile, staff of the Ministry of Religious Affairs are currently at 6,125 and the number of staff who have received vaccine injections are as follows: Complete 2 doses are 871 which is 80 per cent and 1 dose are 1,193 which is 19 per cent and 58 unvaccinated which is 1 per cent and overall with at least 1 dose are 6,064 people which is 99 per cent.

Source: Radio Television Brunei