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Macaque bites 3-month-old child, seriously hurt


Phang Nga, A group of macaques broke into a house and bit the head of a 3-month-old child, causing their fangs to penetrate the skull. Sent urgent surgery to Phuket Province. Villagers implore relevant agencies to deal with the problem of macaques on Bamboo Island. because it created a lot of trouble

At 4:00 p.m., I was informed by Miss Jiraporn, 37 years old, a villager from Koh Mai Phai, Village No. 3, Koh Panyee Subdistrict, Mueang Phang Nga District, that my grandson was just over 3 months old and his parents went to work for hire. Living in Phuket Province and taking care of my aunt. Around 1:35 p.m. while the boy was sleeping and drinking milk inside the house. A group of macaques entered the house. Then bit the child's head. Which was the moment when he was walking into the house. So he called his relatives to help the child before the monkey escaped into the mangrove forest.

Upon examination, it was found that the monkey had bitten the child's head, leaving 5-6 fang marks, so he was rushed to take him away. Koh Mai Pha Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital The nurse helped to stop the bleeding and dress the wound, along with arranging a boat to quickly bring the boy to Ban Tha Dan Pier. Taken to Phang Nga Hospital Most recently, doctors at Phang Nga Hospital rushed him to urgently undergo surgery at Vajira Hospital, Phuket Province.

Ms. Jiraporn said that the macaque problem is causing a lot of distress to the villagers on Bamboo Island. Because the monkey population is increasing every day. and disturbing the lives of the villagers Whether it's stealing things Breaking things regularly While the villagers will do nothing, the monkey will not. Yes because there is a law protecting it. Therefore, I would like to appeal to the relevant agencies to come and deal with the problem of macaques on Bamboo Island.

Source: Thai News Agency