Kampung Lumapas Mosque Youth Group Held a Virtual Reading of Surah Yasin

In a joint effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in Brunei Darussalam, the Ashabul Akhyar, Kampung Lumapas Mosque Youth Group held a virtual reading of Surah Yasin and supplications to seek protection from COVID-19.

The ceremony aimed to strengthen ties and educate the youth with the mosque activities apart from seeking the blessings of Allah Subahanahu Watala so that Brunei Darussalam is spared from all diseases, especially the COVID-19 pandemic. Among those who participated is Pengiran Haji Haslin bin Pengiran Haji Ali, Acting Assistant Director of Mosque Affairs. The ceremony was enlivened with a talk entitled "Youth Love Rasulullah", delivered by Awang Haji Mohamed Khairul Mu'az bin Haji Sibodaud, Mohamed Bolkiah Kampung Serusop Mosque Youth.

Source: Radio Television Brunei