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Investors join the event “The Stock Exchange of Thailand roams Chonburi province” bustling


Chonburi 27 May – The Stock Exchange of Thailand go ahead with the event "SET roaming" on site again after the spread of COVID-19 subsides, starting in Chonburi province, with both old and new investors actively clamoring for opportunities in the Thai stock market.

Come back again for good activities of the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the SET Traveling Event, this time going to the area to deliver knowledge and investment opportunities to investors in Chonburi and nearby provinces at the Novotel Marina Sriracha Hotel, Chonburi Province

Dr. Rinjai Chakornpipat, Deputy Manager, Head of Marketing Division The Stock Exchange of Thailand said that during the 3 years of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Stock Exchange of Thailand traveled. has changed the format to online and when the situation has been resolved therefore returned to carry out regular on-site events again. Because it is one of the provinces with a high investor growth rate of more than 20%, there are many working people living there. Most of the new investors coming in are teenagers of working age. The Stock Exchange of Thailand would like to introduce knowledge about accurate investments. to be able to plan investments as well as using appropriate investment tools with many experienced influencers joining in to introduce and share knowledge

It can be called that this job can be completed in one job. Because it's crowded all day With content covering both groups of working people, businessmen, and new generation entrepreneurs, there is also a special seminar “increase business opportunities. Increase investment opportunities with the mai stock exchange - LiVEx" for entrepreneurs, SMEs and Startup entrepreneurs, and at the event, there are also 18 leading brokers opening their booths. Ready to give advice, plan investments and open an investment account right away. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency