Informative Society Programme

The Informative Society Programme for Youth and Beliawanis of Brunei Muara District Mosques organized by the Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office continued today with several briefings and visits. The briefing took place at the Department of Information.

In a briefing on 'Cyber Crime' delivered by Dayang Siti Nor Izuana binti Ayob, Officer from Cyber Security Brunei touched on the sharing of detailed personal information online that can be used by cyber criminals to easily exploit to commit organized crime. In the briefing, participants were exposed to various issues related to the use of social media to raise public awareness on the dangers of misusing social media technology such as 'cyber bullying' and online fraud or 'scamming' as well as extortion. Also touched was the Brunei Computer Abuse Act, social media trends and online threats such as Ransomware and the benefits as well as disadvantages of online shopping that are currently trending. Also included are videos show related to Cyber Crime.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Narcotics Control Bureau, Awang Ranil bin Rosli in his briefing on 'The Dangers of Drugs and International Drug Syndicates', called on the public, especially women, not to be easily deceived by the influence of sweet promises from social media, thus dragging them into victims 'keldai dadah' by drug trafficking syndicates. The briefing also shared among four types of drugs that are often abused in Brunei Darussalam, namely syabu, cannabis, ecstasy and inhalants. Through the briefing, NCB hopes to provide knowledge to the public on matters related to drugs, among others, the types and disadvantages of drugs, punishment to drug traffickers and techniques used in international drug syndicates.

Source: Radio Television Brunei