Increase in ILI Infections Detected

The ongoing surveillance of Influenza-Like Illness, ILI infections by the Ministry of Health has found that there is a slight increase in ILI cases in the country.

Laboratory tests have identified the rhinovirus as a dominant virus circulating in the community. To control the transmission of any ILI infection, the public are reminded to practice their social responsibility, to isolate themselves if they feel unwell and see a doctor immediately if symptoms are felt to be more severe than usual. Meanwhile, individuals aged 18 and above who are tested positive on ART, have chronic illness and experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 infection that are more severe than normal fever, they can go to the flu clinic at Government Health Centres for further examination. This is to ascertain whether they can be given the anti-viral COVID-19 medication to manage the symptoms of infection from worsening. The anti-viral medication is best taken within five days from the onset of the first symptom of infection.

Source: Radio Television Brunei