Implementation on Social Distancing

‚ÄčThe Minister of Health also responded to the query on adherence amongst family members on the implementation of social distancing in restaurants as a precautionary measure.


Yang Berhormat said that family members are already living together in a household and thus are exposed to the same kind of risks. Therefore they can sit together, for example a married couple. However, there should be trust among patrons and this trust can be abused when the gathering consists of friends who can then say that they are family members. This is one of difficulties faced with social distancing.


Yang Berhormat urged for honesty among patrons especially those living in the same house as they face the same kinds of risk. He added that to control the spread of COVID-19, every person should be socially responsible. If the family member is not living in the same house, social and physical distancing rules should be adhered to. Restaurant patrons should be considerate and should not be angered when they are questioned or warned by premise owners or employees. Yang Berhormat stressed to the public that social responsibility is even more important nowadays as the country is de-escalating social distancing measures.



Source: Radio Television Brunei