His Majesty’s Visit to Four Education Institutions in Temburong District

The attentiveness of His Majesty towards education development in the country was highly emphasised through the Monarch's visits to education institutions. In Temburong District, His Majesty made several visits yesterday MORNING to four education institutions, the Ujung Jalan Control and Inspection Complex, Kampung Ujung Jalan, the Temada Police Control Post and the Kampung Semabat Long House.

His Majesty began the visit at Sultan Hassan Secondary School. Upon arrival, His Majesty was welcomed by Awang Wafi Sia bin Abdullah Sia, the school's principal. Also present was Datin Seri Paduka Doctor Hajah Romaizah binti Haji Mohd Salleh, Acting Minister of Education.

With its vision "Membentuk Generasi Masa Depan Yang Siap Siaga", the school is actively implementing its mission to produce dynamic people through quality education. Currently, the school has over 600 students. Throughout the visit, His Majesty interacted with the students to learn more on their education development and activities.

His Majesty through the Ministry of Education is always committed to provide quality education. The ministry continues to evaluate the existing education level so that it remains relevant, and acts as an international standard benchmark through the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA. Findings from such efforts can evaluate achievements and identify any gaps among students in possessing and applying skills as well as competency required in the 21st century.

To prepare the students for the 4th Industrial Revolution challenges, the Ministry of Education is in the process of establishing the Digital Literacy Standard and the Cultural Literacy Standard within the National Education System for the 21st Century or S-P-N 21. Strengthening Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics or STEAM education is also prioritised to further increase competitiveness among students in the field of science and technology. In line with these efforts, the teacher's capacity in implementing technology-based teachings is improved so that the students are digital literate that can help them in the working world and life in this digital era.

His Majesty then visited the Sultan Hashim Secodary School in Batu Apoi. The student's happiness were clearly seen in as they greeted the Monarch's arrival.

Established in 1955, the Sultan Hashim Primary School is among the oldest schools in Temburong District. The school currently has one hundred students. His Majesty visited several classes to take a closer look at the teaching and learning environment. A complete education is among the matters that are highly emphasised by the Monarch who continues to ensure that the country's citizens and residents have education as well as skills that will become the core for the country's development and competitiveness.

The Ministry of Education through the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 is currently implementing specific strategic initiatives and actions towards achieving the aspiration of having quality education for the student's success. The strategic plan is inline with the Key Performance Indicator for the Ministry of Education in realising the goals of Wawasan Negara namely highly educated and skilled citizens and creating a just education system encompassing quality teachers, students and schools, providing vast education opportunity and excellent human capital development.

His Majesty proceeded to visit Puni Primary School that has been operational since 1950.

Source: Radio Television Brunei