His Majesty attend the Leaders’ Retreat Luncheon

His Majesty attended the Leaders' Retreat Luncheon which took place at the Nurimaru APEC House. During the Retreat Luncheon, the leaders discussed and exchanged ideas on current issues at regional and international level. His Majesty, in his titah, commended President Moon's personal commitment to improving inter-Korean relations, which has created greater prospects for stability in the region.

His Majesty in a titah says that ASEAN's role by providing platforms for inclusive cooperation is important to sustain peace and harmony, and to prevent strategic interests from being undermined by uncertainties and rivalries. ASEAN and the Republic of Korea will maintain good relations with other major powers towards upholding the rules-based regional architecture. In ending the titah, His Majesty said that Brunei Darussalam will work closely with the Republic of Korea and fellow ASEAN Member States to preserve peace, stability and security for all in the region.

Source: Radio Television Brunei