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Helping a 15-year-old boy who was injected with hot wax into his genitals by a senior.


Nonthaburi, Sad! A 15-year-old male student shouted "Gun Jom Phalang" after being forced to inject hot wax by a senior. into the genitals Finally, it rots and becomes infected. Plus, take a clip of the abuse.

Gun Jom Phalang brought a 15 year old male student and his mother from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Came to Le Lak Hospital, Nakhon In Road, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province, to consult after being threatened by a senior at a high school by forcing him to inject a foreign substance into his genitals. until inflammation and gangrene spread It creates a lot of suffering for children. Plus, a senior secretly took a clip in the bathroom and posted it on social media. Teasing and shaming in school until causing embarrassment

Later, when the child's mother asked for justice from the school. but was rejected by the school and also threatened back that if the parents went to report the crime The school will not allow the child to continue studying. As a result, the mother decided to file a complaint against the senior who caused the incident. Since last September But the case has made no progress.

Gun Jompalang said that after the parents reported the matter to the police at Na Bon Police Station, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Since last September The school heard the news. Only brought a basket along with 1,000 baht. When the case has no progress And my younger sister and mother have already traveled up here. Today he will take you to meet Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, as well as the Minister of Education. To ask for justice regarding the matter that happened

Dr. Jirawee Chandranukul, a plastic surgeon, said that after examining the condition of the victim's younger sibling, It was found that there were severe injuries. The left nerve is not felt. But the white nerve still feels good. As for foreign substances that are injected into organs It was found to be liquid wax that was used on fire. Before taking a syringe, pulling the liquid wax into a tube and injecting it into the penis. As for the treatment, it is expected that it will take more than 3 months because more than 80 percent of the child's penis has been damaged. As for the cost of treatment and surgery, It is estimated that it is around 500,000 baht. It is considered the most severe case that the hospital has encountered. However, the hospital is confident that it will be able to be cured and returned to normal.

Younger brother of the victim told reporters that On the day of the incident, he wore football shorts to go to the bathroom. A senior came straight in and pushed him to sit on the toilet. Then the senior threatened that if he asked for help he would stab him to death so he didn't dare cry. Then the senior took the wax and put it in a spoon and burned it with a lighter. and use a syringe to suck out the wax before injecting it into their genitals He was in pain and burning, but he didn't dare cry out. I'm afraid my senior will hurt me. From then on, he experienced burning pain and itching in his genitals, which developed into widespread sores. After the incident, I didn't dare go to school again. because he was afraid of the influence of this senior Today I am very happy to have received help from Gun Jom Phalang in both treatment and prosecution of this senior.

Source: Thai News Agency