Hasrat Negara Zikir’

Brunei Darussalam has always placed the teachings of Islam in the highest place in every aspect of life so that this blessed country is always under the protection and care of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. While facing the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic, the country continues to seek for Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala's blessings through the reading practises of doa or supplication and zikir to be able to control the epidemic effectively. Last night's Special report in conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam's 75th Birthday Celebration brings an approach on how the country with the blessings of the wise leadership of the 'Raja Yang Prihatin' or Caring Monarch consistently uses the Divine Vaccine approach aside from the Integrated Shield and the practice of not straying from Al-Quran to ensure that the country continues to enjoy peace, security and prosperity.

With the foresight of the prestigious monarch, the country continues to place the concept of the Malay Islamic Monarchy as life practises. It is also in line with the hope of making Brunei Darussalam as the Zikir Nation.

While facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the country consistently use the Divine Vaccine Approach through the reading of supplication and zikir. By combining the practise of Al- Quran reading and comply with the set SOPs, the Integrated Shield also among the efforts in making the country successfully controlling the spread of COVID-19 and making it as a daily practises.

Parents in the country are also increasingly realizing the importance of learning Al-Quran even though their children are still in kindergarten. To ensure that future generations are not being left out from learning the basic knowledge of Islamic education, the Religious Education is emphasized. In 2021 alone, some 5,636 students have registered for the pre-religious schooling.

With the blessings of the wise leadership and people-oriented monarch, the country continues to enjoy peace and prosperity. Hence, the country's citizens and residents should also play their role to not only support but also maintain the current situation. This can also realize the country's desire in making the country as the Zikir Nation of 'Baldatun Tayyiibatun wa Rabbun Ghafuur.

Source: Radio Television Brunei